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How to Make a Home Safe for Toddlers

Handling toddlers is stressful even with supervision you have to keep your home safe for them. Some changes have to be done to ensure your home is safe and creative for playing.

Household injuries are one of the top reasons why children under the age of 3 visit the ER. Here are some ways to make your home safe for toddlers:

Supervise Toys and Pets

Pets are good when it comes to toddlers’ entertainment but they should never be left alone with children. No matter how gentle your pet anything could happen and he may see your toddler as a threat and end up harming them.

Toys that have loose parts or buttons can easily injure children when swallowed. Toys should not have parts that are easily detachable for chewed. Any toy that can fit the through cardboard of a tissue roll is too small to be around children below 3 years. Put away all the toys immediately after playtime is over.

Check Furniture and Glass for Safety

It is easy for toddlers to run into a glass while playing around the house. Apply shutter-resistant to glass windows and doors or install safety glass. You can put stickers on the glass at eye level. Furniture with sharp edges should be moved away from where children play.

Alternatively, you can use a pad with foam or corner protectors. The television set should be on a high level or mounted on the wall. To ensure that furniture doesn’t fall on top of toddlers running around, anchor it to the wall or on the floor. Standalone furniture like bookshelves is best fitted to a corner.

Check for Electrical Safety

Ensure that you don’t leave electric wires and cables on the floor or surfaces. Toddlers are very fast and they tend to play with everything they come across with. Cables and wires on the ground may cause a fall once toddlers start crawling or walking.

Hire a professional electrician to install safety switches that cut off power quickly to prevent electrocution. If you need any repairs, always involve a licensed electrician. Replace electrical cords once they are worn out. Use PowerPoint covers on the sockets to prevent toddlers from inserting foreign objects.

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Lock Poisonous and Dangerous Items

A lot of homes have items that could suffocate or chock toddlers. The items include; toys, ropes, cables, ropes, blinds, bedding, etc. Have the cords and cables attached to the wall at least 1.6 meters above the floor. Keep plastic bags and boxes away from children. Avoid having small items like bottle tops where children can reach.

Store the chemicals and harsh products locked up in cabinets or on high shelves. Install child-safety latch on the cupboard where you put chemicals. Make sure that there’s supervision when toddlers are playing with their toys. Stuffed toys should be kept separately in a box and secured properly. Always have a first aid kit at home and make a list of emergency numbers. Learn the basic first aid training.