vacuum cleaner on carpet

Popular Carpet Cleaners For Home Application

Having a clean and neat carpet make a home look amazing. Besides, it also a good way to keep your family healthy considering that dirty carpets can trigger allergic reactions. To have a clean and neat carpet, you need to invest in the Best Carpet Cleaner 2017. A carpet cleaner helps in removing stains, spills, dirt, and spills from your carpet. In case you are looking for a carpet cleaner, here are some options to consider when shopping for one.

Common types of carpet cleaners

Carpet shampoo cleanersvacuum

Ideally, carpet shampoo cleaners are deep cleaning carpet cleaners. The recommended for cleaning tough stains and spills. They have the power needed to handle virtually also house carpet cleaning operations. They can comfortably lift any dirt or debris from your carpet. They also use hot water and shampoo that penetrates and removes stubborn stains from grungy carpets.

Vacuum carpet cleaners

This type of carpet cleaners is mostly used for household applications. Some of these units are designed as single units whereas others have detachable hoses. There are endless designs with some having advanced filtration systems, dirt storage bags, adjustable height features among others. It is important to consider the weight of the cleaner when buying one. It is particularly important for a home with stairways.

Carpet steamers

These type of cleaners are ideal for heavy-duty applications. They can be used both for cleaning and sanitation purposes. Most carpet cleaners can create a super-hot solution that can penetrate any material. The temperature range of this solution makes them perfect for sanitation and carpet cleaning chores.

vacuum tubeCarpet sweepers

Carpet sweepers have been in the market for a considerable time now. They are lightweight and ideal for cleaning thin rugs. These cleaners use a mechanism with rollers and brushes to collect dirt on the carpet. Some sweepers have an adjustable height setting, which helps them handle both floor and carpet cleaning jobs.

Finding a carpet cleaner

The type of carpet cleaner chosen depends on the cleaning needs of the buyer. As such, you need to understand why you are buying it and find a model that can offer you with the services you want. For instance, homeowners with thick carpets might require cleaners with additional power. Moreover, you can also consider adding a few accessories to enhance the performance of the cleaner.