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Ultimate pool cleaner buying guide

Those who have pools in their homes or have once been faced with pool cleaning can attest that keeping a pool clean can be quite tasking. Well, advancement in technology has brought along the development of pool cleaners which are pool equipment that makes pool cleaning less tedious. When it comes to buying one for your pool cleaning needs you may be faced with plenty of options that may leave you bewildered. This article will present to you the ultimate pool cleaner buying guide to help you identify the basic factors to look for on your shopping endeavors for a pool cleaner.

Pool cleaner buying guide


It goes without saying that a quality pool cleaner comes with the capability to perform its duties pePool cleaner in poolrfectly thus anĀ assurance that your pool will always remain in a clean condition. Other than performance, a good quality pool cleaner will give you a long-term service, unlike poor quality type that cannot withstand regular use.

Size of the pool

The size of your pool will greatly determine which type of pool cleaner to go for. If it is big it will definitely need a big pool cleaner, on the contrary, if it is small it will be of no use purchasing a cleaner that is too big.

Easy set up

It is certain that you do not want a pool cleaner that will take much of your time while setting it up for action. Before you purchase one check out whether setting it up may be a bother to you.


In most cases, the highly priced cleaners tend to deliver quality than the low priced ones. As much as this is true, it is important that you get the cleaner whose price ranges on your intended budget. Additionally, if you are getting a pool cleaner for a short term use, there is no point of investing too much on it.


The adjustability feature is key because it will determine if you are able to clean pools of different sizes and shapes. Adjustable cleaners have the ability to adjust main flow and hose buoyancy to enable you to do your cleaning job perfectly regardless of the size or shape of the pool.

Hose length

For effective cleaning, your hose should be long enough to reach one end of the pool to the other or even longer. Before you purchase a pool cleaner, ensure that its hose is long enough to suit the length of your pool.

Customer warranty

Pool cleaner in the pool This is one of the important factors that you should never ignore. Get the brand that offers at least a one-year warranty to cater for your replacement or repair needs that may occur within the warranty timeline.