Sofa and carpet


Carpet cleaning is taken synonymously to the steam cleaning, also referred to as the water extractions. However, there are five different methods of carpet cleaning, namely foam cleaning, shampoo method, bonnet cleaning, dry methods and lastly the steam cleaning.

Methods of carpet cleaning

Foam cleaning

vacuuming carpet Foam cleaning can be used as a part of the maintenance process of the carpets especially in the areas which experience a massive rush of people. This method is an amalgamation of the dry cleaning and shampooing. With the help of a machine buffer, you can release the shampoo onto the surface of the carpet while the brush works though the fibers to spread the shampoo, minimal amount of water is also used.

Shampoo method

In this method, a shampoo containing brighteners and deodorizers is poured onto the brush of the buffer and is worked into the carpet after the shampoo has been properly spread then the carpet is buffed portion by portion just like one would buff the floor. A small area is to be cleaned at a time, and you might even have to go over it repeatedly, the corners and edges are polished by the hand only.

Bonnet cleaning

It is best suited for the commercial establishments rather than at homes. Bonnet cleaning doesn’t go well with the materials that most home carpets are made of. The shampoo is applied to the carpet, and the bonnet is placed at the base of the buffer, and this is used over the carpet to absorb the dirt and soil. As the bonnet gets dirtier, the carpet gets cleaner.

Steam cleaning

This is the most effective cleaning method which actually ‘cleans’ it regarding removing the dirt and the micro-organisms, it also leaves the carpet looking as good as new and smelling fresh. A special machine is used to douse the carpet in a mixture of hot water and detergent; this mixture is then extracted out by the vacuum cleaner.

Dry methods

rolling out carpet It is the quickest way to a clean carpet, just as the name suggests, there is no water used hence no time required for the carpet to dry out. It’s a three-step procedure, first sprinkle the carpets with a dry powder which acts as the cleaner and let it be for 15 minutes, work it through with a buffer and then vacuum to get the powder plus the dirt out. However, not all the powder does get extracted and the residual eventually attracts more dirt, and the final cleaning has to be with the steam method only.